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Thurlow & Thurlow, P.A.  is one of Stuart's oldest and most respected law firms, established in 1955 by Thomas H. Thurlow, Sr. Conveniently located in historic downtown Stuart, Thurlow & Thurlow, P.A.  provides prompt, thorough and personal attention to our clients in the areas of:

  • Estate Planning

  • Probate and Trust Administration

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Contract Preparation

  • Title Insurance

  • Corporations and other entities

Important COVID-19 update and notes regarding remote signing:

Client service, safety and security are our priorities during these times of uncertainty.

At Thurlow & Thurlow, P.A., we pride ourselves on being a technology-driven firm enhanced by personal attention while ensuring document security.  During this COVID-19 crisis, we have leveraged our technology in order to continue uninterrupted service to our clients.

  • ·     We have received numerous calls requesting copies of existing estate planning documents.  If you are a current or past client who authorized the client portal, your documents are available securely online and can be shared securely with others.  You can reset your password yourself if you have forgotten it.  If your documents are not in our portal, we can usually make them available within an hour.  An iPhone and Android app is also available for download.

  • ·     Even before COVID-19, we were using our client portal to securely transmit draft estate plans and other paperless documents to our clients.

  • ·     Instead of meeting clients in person, we continue to use  Zoom and telephone conferences.  To ensure everyone's safety, final review meetings are conducted via Zoom or telephone conference with the documents in the client portal or mailed at the request of the client.

  • ·     When documents are ready for signature, clients can quickly and conveniently stop by our office, while still practicing proper COVID-19 distancing and protective measures.  Signings occur in person but at a distance in our large conference room.

  •       All client files are 100% digital.  Our staff has always been able to work remotely with secure VPN access to every document in our files and software applications that are available at their office desks. Any older paper files are always backscanned before reopening.

  • ·     While many firms are playing catch up, we have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to "paperless" document management. Every document, note and envelope entering the office is scanned and managed electronically with our sophisticated document management and workflow system.

  •       We use our client portal for legal electronic signing of certain non-witnessed, non-notarized documents such as real estate contracts, probate pleadings and agreements.

  • ·     We continue to implement e-filing with the Florida courts, e-recording with the Florida clerks.  Many transactions are 100% paperless from us, to client, to the court and back.

  •       Note: In Florida, remote online notarization (RON) of wills and revocable trusts is not allowed by law until July 1, 2020.  Even when available, systems such as Zoom or Facetime cannot be used. Other Florida documents, such as deeds and powers of attorney, may be signed with a RON, effective January 1, 2020.  However, only specific licensed RON providers can be used, with specific requirements for audio-video communication, electronic journals, credential analysis and knowledge-based identify proofing.  These providers include, NotaryCam, Pavaso, Notarize and DocVerify.  RON is not available for a “vulnerable adult” as defined in Section 415.102(28) of the Florida Statutes.  Additionally, certain powers cannot be given in a RON-executed power of attorney unless the witnesses are in the physical presence of the principal (assuming the notary is remote).  A RON signing typically costs $25 per document.  RON will undoubtedly create more opportunities for estate plans to be challenged.  For these reasons, we do not recommend RON for estate planning documents unless absolutely necessary and not at all for wills and trusts until after July 1, 2020.  During the COVID-19 crisis we have referred clients to RON providers for the execution of documents that are allowed by law.  However, we find that our quick, distanced, in-person signings are much more practical, less expensive and much less prone to subsequent challenge.  Todd Thurlow has taken the required courses and contacted our bond provider to become a RON. However, the RON providers are simply not ready for estate planning documents with external notaries and are currently overwhelmed by the demand for RON real estate closings during the COVID-19 crisis.  If you have any additional questions regarding remote signings, please give us a call.

  • ·     We do not use cloud storage for operations like other firms.  Only the few documents transmitted or stored in our client portal are “in the cloud”.  All digital client information is stored securely on site, with shadow copies, mirroring, multiple redundancy and nightly offsite vpn non-cloud backup, in addition to offline offsite backup. Clients can rest assured that their privacy is of utmost priority. We ask that you use the client portal or our secure upload page to send us confidential documents.  Do not send confidential information within emails or attachments.


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